Milam's Continuing Story of Service


Milam Langella was raised with strong Christian, conservative values. Those values called him to action through service for his country in the War on Terror. He served as an infantry officer in major combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II. After doing 2 tours in Iraq, Milam continues to feel compelled to serve his country through representing Texas District 2 in the US Congress.


He believes that it is imperative to secure a safe future for Americans. A future that is still based in sound constitutional principles. One that is of free-market policies that provide the opportunity for growth so that all Americans can partake in the American dream.


Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Milam Langella was born in Branford, Connecticut. The same birth state of Nathan Hale, who gave his life fighting for our freedoms against the British in 1776. For his actions, Nathan Hale was hanged by the British. His reported last words, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country!” This is the same fighting spirit that is deep within the heart of Milam.


Chapter 2 – Military Service

Through Milam’s military training and experiences, he has gained unique leadership skills and been exposed to situations that has solidified his commitment and beliefs to what our forefathers wrote in the Constitution. And that our freedoms as expressed in the Bill of Rights must always be fought for and defended from enemies both foreign and domestic.


Milam’s journey of service began when he joined the United States Marine Corps in June 1995 as an infantry assaultman serving with Second Battalion Seventh Marines as well as a tour in Naval weapons Station Kings Bay, Georgia guarding strategic assets.  After his four year enlistment, Milam left the Marine Corps at the rank of Corporal and began his pursuit of a career in commercial aviation as a pilot. However, after the 911 tragedy, Milam’s passion to serve was stirred once more.


Chapter 3 – Military Service during Operation Iraqi Freedom

He returned to active service in The US Marine Corps this time as a Commissioned Officer. Milam was deployed to Kuwait in 2003 as a Second Lieutenant, and participated in the invasion into Iraq. His unit Third Battalion Fourth Marines was the unit that was famously pictured in the tearing down of the Saddam Hussein statue. For Milam‘s actions while battling for control of Al-Basrah airport in Iraq, he was awarded a Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal with a distinguishing device for valor in combat. Also during his deployment in 2003, Milam‘s leadership was highlighted in the book “McCoy’s Marines“ where the author, John Koopman, tells of Milam’s heroic actions, using his own body to shield the author from an explosion.


In 2004, Milam served in Falluja and received the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a distinguishing device for valor for repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire.  These brave actions resulted in leading his platoon to victory.


Chapter 4 – Military Service – Partnering with others in the fight for freedom

Post the Iraq efforts, Milam worked with the Africa Partnership Station 09 (APS) where he lived and worked across the west coast of Africa assisting embassies and local defense forces in proper application of the use of force and exercises.


Upon his return from Africa, Milam served as Company Commander at the US Marine Corps School of Infantry where he processed and managed injured Marines during training and legal issues.  He also participated in developing and executing the Regiments Combat Hunter training program.


While in the Forth Marine Division (4MARDIV) Headquarters in New Orleans, Milam served as the division training officer working closely with the Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) Headquarters to properly staff and deploy reserve units around the globe in support of Marine Forces Command in the Pacific Theatre.


As part of the First Marine Expeditionary Force (IMEF) staff, under the command of General Berger, now Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), Milam’s duties as operations officer for the MEF Information Group (MIG), were to help oversee the proper deployment of units that specialized in information and data warfare.


Chapter 5 – After the Military

After being treated for service connected injuries, Milam was assigned to Wounded Warrior Battalion (WWBn) and now discharged from the military as a 100% disabled veteran. Milam continues to fight the onslaught of the communist regime of China and Russia. He seeks the office of US House Representative Texas District 2 to help restore the constitution by removing it from being used as a doormat at the border to placing it in the center of the congressional library where it belongs.


Chapter 6 – Becoming Your Representative

Vote for Milam Langella – US House US House Texas District 2, because We Are the People and We Shall Not be Infringed.