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Elect Milam Langella – 2022 Candidate

US House of Representatives – Texas District 2

I am Milam Langella, and I am running as a candidate for US House Texas District 2 against RINO incumbent Dan Creshaw.  I am a combat Marine Corps Veteran and your True Conservative Candidate, with the goal of restoring the Constitution as the core of our government and the principals of faith and family.   Please go to Milam Langella to learn more about my story of service to our great country.

We are always adding new media and content to the site as we are currently a very grassroots effort with a full volunteer staff, so please continue to check back.  And always feel free to reach out and contact us about topics or issues you’d like to hear Milam address.  Of course, if you’d like to become part of the team please check out the Volunteer and Donate pages.

Latest News and Updates to the Site

NEW MEDIA – Check out images of Milam signing The FairTax Pledge and speaking at Montgomery County Eagle Forum.  Coming soon will be video from Montgomery County Eagle Forum and from interview with John Garver on FairTax Power Radio

NEW POST – Issues – Federal Taxes – FairTax

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The Mission & Vision

My mission and reason I am seeking to be elected to US House of Representatives – Texas District 2 is to restore the Constitution, which our great country was founded on, back to being in the center of the library so that all people may live free and not under the guise of a far reaching tyrannical federal government.


  • We must stop the federal government’s out of control spending that has put the US and the US Economy into a position where we are beholden to foreign entities.
  • We must stop borrowing against the money that does not exist, driving inflation higher.
  • We must promote policies that support American business and restore the mantra of Made in the USA – Products and Services created in America, by Americans for Americans.
  • We must overhaul our current Federal Progressive Income Tax and work to implement a better plan – The FairTax Plan that would promote a consumption tax over an income tax.


  • We must return school’s to traditional values welcoming religion as a foundation to moral upbringing.
  • We must stress family involvement with students and teacher and the school board – “Trust but Verify”.
  • We must eliminate CRT (Critical Race Theory) or any variation thereof from being taught in the classroom.
  • We must teach students the constitution, the basics of our constitutional republic and the factual dangers of socialism, communism and fascism.
  • We must implement school choice so that parents are in charge of deciding where their children receive an education.
  • We must stop school administers and teachers (government employees) from being able to social condition our children with beliefs that are contrary to the family’s values and morals.
  • We must ensure our children receive instruction in the fundamentals of life to include basic finance and other classes to prepare them to become independent, productive members of society.


  • We must address the integrity of our elections and ensure they are fair and accurate.
  • We must eliminate the possibility of election fraud from internal and foreign interest.
  • We must enforce Voter ID requirements to ensure that only legal US citizens are afforded the right to vote.
  • We must return to 1 day voting and audit all elections regardless of results.

Border policy

  • We must secure our borders and finish the wall!
  • We must enforce Human Trafficking laws and enact harsher punishment against those who violate them.
  • We must deport those who are here illegally.
  • We must work to ensure that our visa, and naturalization policies are fair and timely for those who go through the proper legal process.
  • We must eliminate federal funding or assistance to sanctuary cities.


  • We must uphold and honor the words of the Bill of Rights – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”
  • We must ensure the term “Shall NOT be infringed” includes – No limits on – number of magazines, capacity of magazines, and amount or type of ammunition.
  • We must educate all citizens that this right is not about protection from each other as much as it is protection from a tyrannical federal government.


  • We must use multiple source of clean energy and fossil fuels, to keep us from being too reliant on any one source.
  • We must reduce our dependency on foreign oil.
  • We must ensure that Texas maintains the rights to their natural resources


  • We must fight against this current administration’s federal overreach to invoke mask mandates or a vax passport
  • We must return the power to the State and Local governments to be in-charge of local situations, but still not allow those levels to infringe upon the rights of the citizens.
  • We must not allow the Federal Government to pick the winners and losers in business through government shutdowns that are much harsher on smaller business and churches.

Become Part of The Team

Be part of the Grassroots movement to restore our country back to it’s original ideal of individual freedom and liberty.  Any level of donation of time or money goes a long way in helping spread our message and strengthen the fight to drain the swamp, including primaring RINO incumbent Dan Crenshaw.


Elect Milam Langella – 2022 Candidate

US Congress – House of Representatives – Texas District 2